Website Development

Designing and developing a website should be compared to buying real estate.  The end goal for any law firm or lawyer is to establish a unique website that follows search engine guidelines and has long lasting effects over time.  Marketing and Law can create any sort of website or redesign any existing website.  Our team is staffed with project coordinators who can design and develop (program) a website.  Our unique value of being creative and technical helps us stay on top of the industry and provide our clients with excellent customer service.

Our Process

Website Questionnaire

Mood/Site Architecture

Site Design

Site Development

Our research phase begins with a website questionnaire that helps us identify and learn more about the origins of your law firm. After we have a better historical and visionary feel of your law firm, our set of questions shift to understanding what design elements your law firm would like to have on the website.  This will help us design a creative corporate theme and put together a brand that has long lasting effects.  Once the design questions are complete, we’ll move into development and learn about all the features the website will have on the site.
Taking into consideration everything mentioned and discussed in the website questionnaire phase, we gather colors, images and fonts and slap it on a mood board for your law firm to see what we are trying to achieve with the website design.  We also present a website site architecture map that helps us piece together where certain website pages sit within the site.  Focusing on the user experience, the site architecture helps us identify and map out the usability of the site and areas where they are site conversions.
Based on the mood boards and site architecture, we begin designing the front-end of the website where an image of the homepage and an interior page are shown for review.  After the initial mock up, all your opinions and changes are taken into consideration by our designers, and a second draft is shown for review.  Once review of the second draft is worked out, we move on to developing the back-end of the website with SEO strategies in mind.  We also consider when the website is completely developed any additional minor design changes you have in mind.
Once your law firm’s website design has been polished and finalized, your project manager will move into development and start coding together all the features and site architectures discussed in the website questionnaire. From widget creation to video and social media integration, we’ll put together all the features you requested and also provide you with an easy to use Content Management System (CMS) where content can be added daily and changes to the website can be easily made.