Search Engine Optimization

Marketing and Law Search Engine Optimization (SEO) service helps law firms and attorneys achieve exponential business by utilizing techniques that search engines find friendly for their algorithms.  Our passion to understand search and factors that determine search engine rankings makes use uniquely different than other SEO agencies.  Our expertise in the legal field also helps us yield SEO plans that make an impact for our clients.  We work with our clients to ensure and enable various SEO strategies that help shape search engine rankings and online visibility.  Our success is driven by our relentless thirst to undertand search and innovative ways to promote law firms and attorneys.

Our Process

Onsite SEO – Phase One

By taking a deep dive into your law firm’s website, Marketing and Law will evaluate all relevant SEO code which search engines find valuable for their algorithms in positioning websites, and enable all essential tracking tools to properly measure campaign performance.  Marketing and Law will also analyze all relevant information, such as analytics and webmaster tools to begin an initial website audit and keyword research.

Offsite SEO – Phase Two

Once all on-site SEO strategies have been implemented, in phase 2 all major search engines look to see how authoritative a lawyer’s website is compared to it’s competitors and determines where that website should rank in the search results.  One main major factor search engines look at is number of quality in-bound links a website receives.  Marketing and Law will develop an off-site SEO strategy to grow quality inbound links and also increase brand awareness by diversifying various link building strategies.  By writing rich and helpful content and utilizing social media tools, Marketing and Law will achieve a level of search authority over time.