Lawyer Online Marketing

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Strangely enough, some of the top lawyers in the country have little or no visibility in the online world. You might be one of them. For your information, a strong online presence acts as your living resume. Clients from thousands of miles away can request for your services just by checking out your online profile. However, you can only achieve such influence if you have the right strategies in place. That is the sole reason we exist – to deliver lawyer marketing to you the right way.

When you exist on the web, clients have higher chances of finding and contacting you. This means you get more clients thus the ability to earn double, with just little effort on your part. We have the necessary tools and techniques to build and enhance a positive reputation with your clients.

The lawyer online marketing services we offer validates you, and gives you the edge you need over other lawyers. We do this by helping you come up with a solid marketing plan that is unique to your business needs, and which matches your budget. We then make this plan accessible to as many clients as possible. This is only doable via a number of strategies.

Lawyer Website Design

A website represents a “mirror” that clients use to look at you. It tells a lot about you: the services you offer, costs, and your reputation. This means that the way you present your website impacts a lot on whether the client will pick you or get another lawyer.

The sites we design come with a number of characteristics. These include:

  • Professional home page design.
  • Intuitive navigation.
  • Creating and using clear images.
  • Posting easy-to-locate contact information.
  • Using latest design trends.

Without a professional website, you cut your chances of “getting out there” by more than a half.

Lawyer SEO

Just because you have a professional website does not guarantee you traffic. Additionally, you might find that your competitors always feature above you in search engine organic and/or maps results. You have only one solution to such scenarios – Search Engine Optimization (SEO). This strategy aims at making you more visible online.

From keyword research to link building, we provide all the services you need to get to the top and remain there. We help you come up with a custom SEO plan that generates targeted web traffic to your site in a very short period. You need to understand that the right Lawyer SEO services boost targeted traffic to your website by up to 600 percent. This converts visits into more sales, which translates into more revenue for you and your law firm. 

Lawyer PPC Management

One of the top ways to get in the limelight is the use of paid ads. Whether you have a paid ad campaign in place or you are starting from scratch, you can depend on our Lawyer PPC Management services to put you at the level you desire. We put everything in place to get the most out of a single click.

PPC management involves coming up with a realistic budget for the ads that will give you a reasonable Return on Investment (ROI). It also involves using the right keywords and phrases to grab the attention of the visitor. Once the ads are up and running, we continuously test them to identify low-performing ones that we refine or replace with better-converting ones. Finally, we make sure that the ad connects to a landing page that delivers information the client expects.

Whatever strategy you choose, we shall be there to connect the dots and give you a working solution.