Law Firm Marketing

Attorney Marketing Services

  • Website Development

    Our website design and development service helps law firms establish a brand new look and feel to their website. We can customize or redesign existing websites or blogs, and add any additional features to a website.

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  • Search Engine Optimization

    Our Attorney Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services help law firms build a stronger presence online by increasing keywords rankings in the "organic" search results for all major search engines.

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  • Pay Per Click Management

    Using search engine and social media ad networks, we deliver targeted traffic to your website and professionally manage all existing online media ad campaigns.

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  • Lawyer Online Marketing

    Strangely enough, some of the top lawyers in the country have little or no visibility in the online world. You might be one of them. For your information, a strong online presence acts as your living resume.

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  • Latest Blog Post

    Choose a Mood Board

    July 1, 2014   /   No Comments   /   Written by Marketing & Law

    Before starting on your website design, having your law firm pick a mood board can help identify the organization’s communication style, online personality and branding. A mood board is thought to be the most important phase towards designing a website under strict color guidelines. Losing control over what your law firm is trying to achieve throughout the site’s design is a common mistake by most designers and simple something that should never happen.

    Let us know which mood board you like the most.


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